Inventory Management Software Perfect for Auto Shops 

Micorbase is the place to find your high quality and effective software systems, which have been streamlining the way that auto repair shops have been getting their work done. We have created Automation Premium software, allowing mechanics to streamline business operations without jeopardising quality of service. 

With our software, available on both desktop and mobile devices, your inventory management can be accessed simply. Storing your data on this type of server widens the way that you can interact with your customers, and personalise their experience to instil trust and professionalism. The Automation Premium allows you to document inventory effectively, allowing you to attach them to a particular job, or email directly to client. By including this software within your auto parts management, you will be putting in place a comprehensive car parts inventory system easily accessed and updated by your workers. 

Test the System for Yourself

We have worked hard to provide Australian auto repairers with a feature rich system, allowing for ease of management on a variety of business levels. Not only have we created a way to fast track inventory management, but we also have included similar functions across accounting, invoicing, marketing and purchasing. Our team constantly adjust the way that the software works in order to keep up with industry trends and technology advancements, which means that you are getting the current best management strategies in the industry.

 In order to get a taste of our software systems and understand the benefits of including this versatile system within your auto shop, download our free demo version online. 

The Microbase team pride themselves on providing exceptional customer service, which is why they are ready to help you with any queries. To get in touch with a member, feel free to give us a call on 1800 200 364 or email us on one of our listed addresses.


Click on the view demo option, then Download Free Trial, select Save or Download (depending on your Windows Version) the file by default will download to your Downloads Folder. To load simply point and click on the setup executable, after installation there will be an Automation Client icon on your desktop, point and click on this to open the demo. You must be connected to the internet to run the demo as it is accessing data from our web server.


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